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360 Body WorX Features

Mobile Gym San Diego

360 Body WorX brings the gym to your choice of home, work place, school, near by park or beach.

State of the art equipment

360 Body WorX State of the art equipment allows you to maximize your workout in a clean judgement free environment.

Professional Trainer

On-Site NASM Certified Personal Trainer there to assist you.

Heavy Bag Training

Maximize your cardio workouts with Heavy Bag Training.

Open Air Training

Train in the beautiful outdoors like never before.

Your Nearby Location

Where ever you feel comfortable working out, 360 Body WorX will come to you.

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About 360 Body WorX

360 Body Worx is fully equipped to accommodate training and nutritional guidance at your home, office, and school, nearby park or beach. Day or night if you’re in San Diego County let us come to you.

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360 Buggy Boot Camps

Everything is different when you have a baby, not in the least your body. 360 Buggy Boot Camp is an ideal way to combine getting fit with creating a bond with your new-born. This program helps you to reclaim your body, gain confidence and get back on track, without having to leave your new born behind.

360 Buggy Boot Camp is a 6-week class that follows a tailor-made program especially for moms in the postpartum period. Simply put, it’s a great way to get fit with your new baby and buggy!!! This program is designed to wake up your post-pregnancy (and probably sleep-deprived) body, focusing on strength, balance, posture, and coordination. There is also a strong focus on the safe repair of your core muscles that have undergone big changes during your pregnancy. These classes along with the fresh open air will also increase your serotonin level, warding off the effects of postpartum anxiety.

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Successful companies invest in their employees and recognize their health and well being in essential to their company’s success. Creating a culture of health and fitness within your workplace you’ll see your team’s productivity and moral soar to new heights. It is well documented through research that companies investing in corporate fitness training are reporting return on investment with reduced staff turnover and happier, healthier, more productive staff that take fewer sick days. Corporate Wellness Training improves teamwork and helps turn groups of individual workers into cohesive teams more focused on tacking the challenges as a collective. Benefits:
-Increased Employee Productivity
-Reduced Workers Compensation Premiums
-Reduced Sick Leave -Reduced Staff Turnover
-Reduced Stress in Employees
-Strong Sense of Camaraderie

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Locations Served

Session Plans


1 hour session, gym brought to Rohr Park in Bonita Ca every Monday and Wednesday  from 6:00-7:00 pm, and every Saturday morning kicking off at 9:00 am.

$85 unlimited monthly sessions

Buggy Boot Camps

This is a stroller-based fitness class for busy moms to get a heart-pumping workout with the friendship, support and fun of other moms in a judgement free environment.  Bring your kid(s) along in their stroller as you perform cardio dills, body weight exercises, a wide variety of interval training, light weights, and core work.  Class always ends with the opportunity for kid(s) and moms to play together.

$20 per session


Do you want 1 on 1 training and motivation? Looking for a fully customized fitness plan unique to you and your busy schedule and lifestyle?  1 on 1 Personal Training is exactly that!  360 Body WorX 1 on 1 Personal Training is specifically formulated for your body and your goals. 360 Body WorX will give you the one-on-one attention your require and will be the best way to get the results in the shortest possible time.

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Fitness Party

Fitness Parties Provide New Way To Celebrate Birthday, Bachelorette, Wedding Reunions And Everything In-between.  Various theme such as mini boot camp, 70’s, western, casino, and many others can be displayed during your fitness party as well as several mini games to keep it super exciting while you workout!!!

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Call for your Personal Trainer

Growing up as a military child I spent a majority of my childhood living an active lifestyle in multiple states including California, Washington, Illinois, Mississippi, Hawaii and Nebraska. After graduation I joined the U.S. Navy and retired after serving over 20 years on active duty. During my time in the Navy my passion for fitness soared to new heights. I received my certification as Command Fitness Leader as well as Navy Operational Fitness and Fueling Certification giving me the knowledge in the areas of strength training, endurance/cardiovascular training, flexibility, nutritional guidance and fitness facility management. I have helped thousands of Sailors reach their goals whether it be to loose body fat, maintain and/or gain muscle mass. Now I aim to give back to my community and offer the services I have learned in the military to YOU.

I provide a unique military approach for my clients by encouraging them to live a balanced lifestyle that covers all facets of health and wellness. I believe that in order to change your body you need to change your lifestyle and forget about quick fix diets. I aim to create a long term plan with you that is sustainable, because consistency is the key to change. My passion for learning means I’m always up to date with the latest research and methods. I give suggestions for healthy food choices and emphasize proper form and technique to help prevent long-term injuries. I also specialize in weight loss, and body maintenance and bodybuilding.

Certified through National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) as a Personal Trainer, Weightloss Specialist, Fitness Nutrition Specialist,  Performance Enhancement Specialist,  Corrective Excersise Specialist, Senior Fitness Specialist,  Youth Exercise Specialist, Certified Yoga Teacher, CPR and First Aid Certified.

Basketball, Football, weight lifting, hiking and traveling.

Coach Edwin

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