360 Body WorX app


Scheduling Sessions

Scheduling sessions is as easy as logging into the calendar in the app and requesting a session. You can also chat with your trainer using the app's messenger. 


Meal Plans

Meal plans tailored for your specific needs can be sent to you through the 360 Body WorX app.  We break down each meal of the day as well as the macro's of each meal and/or snack. Now you will know how many calories, sugars, carbs etc. you are eating daily.

Not sure what to buy at the grocery store?  No worries a grocery list is automatically generated when we create your meal plans 


Workout Plans

Once we know what your goals are, we will create a workout plan to help you meet and surpass that goal.  Your trainer will send the workout plan to you via 360 Body WorX app.  This takes the guess work out of which muscles you're working on.  In the event you are working out on your own, we have created video tutorials to ensure that you are doing your workout correctly.