Personal Trainer

About me

Growing up as a military child I spent a majority of my childhood living an active lifestyle in multiple states including California, Washington, Illinois, Mississippi, Hawai'i and Nebraska. After graduation I joined the U.S. Navy and continue to serve 19+ years on active duty. During my time in the Navy my passion for fitness soared to new heights. I received my certification as a Command Fitness Leader as well as Navy Operational Fitness and Fueling Certification giving me the knowledge in the areas of strength training, endurance/cardiovascular training, flexibility. nutritional guidance and fitness facility management.  I have helped thousands of Sailors reach their goals whether it be to loose body fat, maintain or gain muscle mass. Now I aim to give back to my community and offer the services I have learned in the military to YOU.


I provide a unique military approach for my clients by encouraging them to live a balanced lifestyle that covers all facets of health and wellness.  I believe that in order to change your body you need to change your lifestyle and forget about quick fix diets. I aim to create a long term plan with you that is sustainable, because consistency is the key to change. My passion for learning means I'm always up to date with the latest research and methods. I give suggestions for healthy foods choices and emphasize proper form and technique to help prevent long-term injuries. I also specialize in weight loss, body maintenance and bodybuilding.


NASM certified, Navy Operational Fitness and Fueling Certificate, Command Fitness Leader Certified, CPR and First Aid Certified


Basketball, football, weight lifting, hiking and traveling